Our Jack Russell puppies:

– We deliver our puppies from ten weeks of age.

– They are delivered with the vaccines according to their age. – They are delivered dewormed against internal and external parasites.

– With registered microchip and European passport.

– We only use specimens free of genetic diseases such as PLL-LOA and SCA, among others.

– The first thing is the quality of life of our puppies, therefore we do not give any of our puppies to people who do not meet the sufficient requirements to give the puppy a fully satisfactory life.

– We begin the socialization of our puppies at an early age, so our puppies are raised outdoors, in contact with other Jack Russells, children, etc.

– We make very few litters, our way of understanding breeding does not allow us to breed constantly and that type of extensive breeding and without looking for the improvement of the breed, does not interest us.

– We are NOT multi-breeders, our hobby is the JACK RUSSELL TERRIER.

– We not only select our specimens, but also the “possible” owners of our puppies. This is why not all people are eligible to obtain a PUPPY of our house.


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