Our Jack Russell females

Our Jack Russell Terrier females are the base of our breeding, without good females you will never get good specimens.

As in males, there are many requirements that we look for in our females, Character, health, beauty and that they be good mothers. In our kennel, they are the key. We make a totally family breeding, so our females make very limited litters throughout their lives, they are not alone to breed. We enjoy them and their company as a family, since all our Jacks are part of it.

JR CH Cora Vom Anrarot

Multi Ch Algrafs Viktor fon Anroal x Algrafs Zemfira


After a long-awaited crossing, the first litter of our female Algrafs Zemfira is born. As a result of this crossing, Cora is born, a specimen that already as a child stood out for her character and her willingness to work in the ring.


Father: Multi CH Algrafs Viktor for Anroal.

Mother: Algrafs Zemfira.

Date of birth: 12/28/2018

Breeder: Alfonso Moreira

Owner: Alfonso Moreira

Pll: negative LOA: negative CEREBELAR ATAXIA SPINE: negative.


X National Canine Contest Festa do Marisco 2019: MP1 Best Puppy – BIS puppy.

XXII International Dog Show León 2019: EXC 1 – CCJ – Best Young.

I National Competition of Dodro 2019: EXC1 – Best Young – Best of Breed – Young BIS.

Braga National Dog Show 2019: Exc 2.

Braga International Show: Exc 2.

International Show Latin Winner Porto 2020: Exc 1º CCJ- Best Young Female – Best Oposite Sex. Latin Winner.

Porto Winner 2020 International Show: Exc1º – CCJ- Best Young Female. Porto Winner.

Lugo 2020 National Dog Show: Exc 21 – CCJ – BOB – BOG # 3.

Lugo 2020 International Dog Show: Exc 1 – CCJ – BOB – BOG JR – BOG – RBIS Jr.

National Fafe Show 2020: Exc1 – CCJ – BEST JUNIOR FEMALE – BOB – BOG – JUNIOR FEMALE PROMISE # 2

Terrier O Fundao Special 2020: EXC1º- CCJ- Best Junior Female – BOB

N.D.S O Fundao 2020: EXC1º – CCJ – Best Junior Female – BOB.


Harley Quinn Vom Anrarot

Jr CH Anroal El Paso x Algrafs Zemfira


Harley Queen is the result of a cross designed to give continuity to our bloodline, thus this female arises that has already begun to give us many joys.


Father: Jr Ch Anroal el Paso.

Mother: Algrafs Zemfira.

Date of birth: 06/10/2019

Breeder: Alfonso Moreira

Owner: Alfonso Moreira.

13th E.N.C Fafe: Very good 1st – Best Baby – BIS BABY.

4th Specialized terrier: Very good 1st – Best baby- BIS BABY.

11th E.N.C. do FUNDAO: Very good 1st – Best Baby

Algrafs Zemfira

Multi CH Algrafs Archi Royal x CH Lovely- Orange Sunshine Sky


We decided to acquire Algrafs Zemfira in our quest to obtain the best existing lines in the Jack Russell Terrier. Thus and not without effort we have managed to incorporate this specimen into our kennel, brought from Russia from the prestigious ALGRAFS kennel.


Father: Multi CH Algrafs Archi Royal.

Mother: CH Lovely- Orange Sunshine Sky.

Date of birth: 12/20/2016

Breeder: Degtyar Irina

Owner: Alfonso Moreira

Pll: negative LOA: negative CEREBELAR ATAXIA SPINE: negative.

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